Version 0.2

Hello everybody. We released version 0.2 of Adventure Cards with some cool new features! In the next weeks, we will release additional features and the game is now in active development. If you find any bugs, just post a short description on our Discord server and we look into it.


  • free movement while pressing WASD or arrow keys
  • added 3 new levels - added loot chests to gain upgrades and health
  • added lore to explore the world
  • added card overview for the deck, the draw pile and the discard pile to view their content (click on the buttons in a fight)
  • added tutorial to learn the game

Bug fixes

  • Stopped overhealing
  • Stopped movement when game menu is open
  • Not showing animations for upgrade cards if it is not possible to upgrade
  • Second Breath triggers Movement now
  • Upgrade cards are now removed permanently if you upgrade your character
  • Better wording on most cards

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Sep 15, 2021

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